About us

12th Anniversary of Successful Digital Marketing

ELESKA, which has come to this day with its successful work in the Software Technologies Internet Services sector since the beginning of 2012; In order to respond to the needs of its customers in the best way, it is advancing day by day with its team that uses all the possibilities of software and information technologies and based on the understanding of quality. It works with thousands of businesses with its expert software team, call and customer service team and executive staff, and offers special services to individuals and institutions with its demand-oriented options.

ELESKA, which offers improvements for the follow-up and innovations of business processes, and conducts analyzes and corporate audits to keep all services up-to-date, always stays in contact with its customers and provides consultancy services at every step. In order to ensure that its customers can meet all their Information Technologies needs from a single center, different types of requirements and performance analysis, planning, product supply, establishment, training, consultancy, system support and outsourcing services are provided in the fields of infrastructure, communication, Internet, system security, hardware and system software. It also offers different solutions.

Digital Market Capabilities

ELESKA, which has worked with companies from almost every sector and exists with developing and innovating principles with experienced steps for the sector, offers solution packages that are quickly adapted for newly established companies. ELESKA has products in both the web category and the mobile category. Among these, apart from web-based products, there are mobile applications and Iphone, Ipad, Android tablet applications.

Modular, flexible and consisting of thousands of parameters, equipped with different design options that will reflect the vision and mission characteristics of the companies, ELESKA products, which can be adapted to company and business requirements, allow business processes to be managed as a whole and provide strategic and operational benefits for organizations in almost every sector. oriented management tool.

  • Holistic and interactive process management
  • Planning and regulation
  • Traceable productivity growth levels
  • Supervision and monitoring services
  • Speed and flexibility
  • fault-preventive operation
  • cost management
  • Customer happiness
  • Competitive advantage and leadership
  • Risk management
  • Ease of reporting and business intelligence
  • Ease of management
  • Reducing and preventing errors
  • With its principles such as ease of maintenance, ELESKA works to provide the most special service.